Monday, 6 August 2012

Ee, by gum - there's nowt so queer as folk...

...but if you're not from Yorkshire, say -

'My goodness - people are strange!'

We celebrated Yorkshire Day in grand style this year!

Yorkshire legends!
From t' left: Hannah Hauxwell, Compo, Hardcastle, Norah Batty, an offcumden
from over t' border, and Reg Mellor, world champion ferret-legger.

Reg does a nice bit of dry-stone-walling for t' middle ot' table.
None o' this fancy flower-arranging lark...

That's reet grand, Reg!
We'll dig up a bit o' peat bog next year instead o' that green towel

Norah's not happy to have the ferret in the house,
even if it is sealed in Reg's trousers.
"But ah'm goin' for t' ferret-legging record!" says Reg.
"Ah've already done five hours 'n' twenty minutes!"
"I don't care," says Norah.  "It's not what we want to see when we're cooking!"


Yorkshire pudding! 
"Lovely wi' Bingley bangers, mushy peas and onion gravy,"
says Hardcastle, "an' some Old Peculier ter wash it dahn.
I'm vexed that some folk are supping wine. It just i'n't right."

Norah and Compo start to worry that the mushy peas are already fighting back...

A grand night!
Should've got a photo of the Yorkshire curd cheesecake
 we had in t' finish-up, but I forgot.

Bet you think I'm making all this up...
Wonder if Reg'll be defending his title in Richmond, Virginia this year?