Monday, 11 June 2012

Can a crafter be a minimalist?

I recently heard a friend say  
that she ruthlessly gets rid of anything in her house
that hasn't been used or worn for a year.
'I'm a ruthless minimalist' she said.

 As a born collector, I was really impressed, and wanted
a little bit of that ruthless minimalism to rub off,
because, frankly, collecting can get really silly...

Just to give you an idea -
I've brought a full carrier-bag of Belgian conkers through customs,
because they were bigger and better than ours:
I've a vast wine cork collection - and they weren't even good wines!
I have the National Collection of paper napkins.

In the mid-'90s, a dozen ornamental gourds, some corn, and a
few dozen autumn leaves came home from a holiday and 
fifteen years later, most of them are still showing up in
Fall 'happenings' around the house.

The leaves only bit the dust last year, but the corn is fine
and the gourds got a new lease of life with a coat of acrylic paint.

My minimalist friend reluctantly agreed that these were okay
because they actually fell inside her 'use within the year' rule.
 What sent the eyebrows shooting above the hairline was
hearing I'd ironed all the leaves in our hotel room before flying home.
Seemed sensible to me - but that's when she
suggested I should see a doctor.

But, hey -

And there's nothing we collectors like better than a
good rummage through stuff...

Choosing bags of buttons at Bits&Bats - great fun!
Obie's Quilt store, Lancaster County PA

Obie's - or Death by Falling Fabric
More photos of this Tutankhamen's Tomb
of quilting on Bonnie Hunter's blog
Obie's again

This part of my stash looks almost modest doesn't it?
But there isn't room for a breath of air in there,
and this cupboard is just the tip of the iceberg...

If you're looking for storage, I can really recommend these IKEA
cupboards and sliding drawers - they're fantastic for organising
your fat quarters and notions.
Are Crafting and Minimalism compatible?
Not right now!
What would help is to increase the creative output 
to match the collecting input. 
Anyone identify with this?


Linda said...

Yes, oh yes! I can identify with this! I am definitely crafting compatible. I can say, however, that I turned a corner when my ikea cabinets were filled to bursting. I no longer buy fabric just for the stash.

Lizzie P said...

Why buy when you can WIN it, lucky girl!