Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Clarice Cliff, Davy Jones and me

Art deco fans - read and weep...

Meet Clarice Cliff

one of the most innovative and exciting
designers the Art Deco era produced!

Her iconic 'Bizarre' ware was a big hit, and the manufacturer,
 stunned by its success, pretty much gave her
 carte blanche to design what she wanted.
Bizarre ware is still very collectable, but its affordable
price tag is a thing of the past!

In the 1950s, Grandma had a clear-out and my mum found
 herself with two full sets, an 'Autumn' design dinner service,
and a lovely 'Jonquil' tea set with iconic rectangular side plates

very cute 'Jonquil' cup -
would make a pretty applique design

I loved it - so colourful and fun! - but my mum was not so fond.
When we rented a beach bungalow for a few years, she was
quick to ship it to the seaside for use on the beach.

Here we are on the roof of our beach bungalow.
I'm top right, with my cousin in his very cute knitted bathing suit.
When it got wet it stretched really badly

January 1953

A massive storm surge hit the East Coast and Holland  -
many people died and much of the coast was devastated.
We only caught the edge, but it was still pretty scary.

The waves hitting the sea wall were huge and the wind
lifted me off my feet, so my dad tied me to a lamppost
with his belt while he took photos from the cliff top.
 I survived, and he kept hold of his trousers,
but, sadly, the photos have gone ...
A day or two later, we went to see the damage.
The beach bungalow was a wreck - doors ripped off,
windows gone, knee deep in sand and seaweed,
and everything we'd left there, including the Clarice Cliff,
had been swept out to sea.

So, if there's not much 'Jonquil' about, it's because
 most of it is at the bottom of the North sea.

I wonder if Davy Jones is down there
eating crab sandwiches off a plate
 like this - or has he sold it all on Sea-bay?

Well, that was a little deco detour -
now back to the quilting... 


Karen said...

I enjoyed your deco post!

Connie said...

Your post was so interesting. I totally know what you were talking about with the knit suit getting bigger when wet, LOL. I love the photos and the art deco cups. They are marvelous. I am your newest follower, please accept my warm and humble invitation to visit and hopefully to follow me too, Connie :)

Lizzie P said...

Thanks! Just had a deco fest at a local antiques fair - absolutely masses of the stuff. Collector friends were hyperventilating!

Lizzie P said...

Following you, Connie - the cups are cute aren't they! Am planning another little deco project inspired by them...