Sunday, 20 May 2012

Art Deco - so inspiring!

Remember Saturday matinees at the Odeon?

Or am I the only one who admits to being that old?

Few of us had a TV, so matinees were a real treat.
 Queueing at the door, the rush for the best seats,
Pearl & Dean adverts, ice cream, cartoons -
it was all very exciting...
And getting chucked out when my cousin dropped
stink bombs in the gents was quite exciting too.

It seemed a very long walk from this very
screen to the exit, herded along by an angry usherette...
Toilets on right, out of shot.
Wonder if the air has cleared yet?

Odeon design must have been burned on my brain
 at that time, because the name that immediately sprang
to mind when I designed this quilt was

Art Deco or what!

These colours and shapes show up in art deco
architecture, lighting, upholstery, glass, pottery
- so many different things.

Look at these fabulous tiles from
the Regent Theatre in Mudgee, New South Wales
photographed by Michelle of Barnhouse Antiques

And this art deco wall light from Coventry Technical College,
taken by Pete Zabulis is just so evocative of the era

Inspiration everywhere!

Coming next - a Clarice Cliff story
that will make you art deco fans weep...


DavidLP said...

Beautiful - the non-quilter in me thinks "that's a simple design", so give us a quick idea of how long it's taken you. We can outsource the labour to a south-east asian sweatshop if you'd prefer...?

Lizzie P said...
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Lizzie P said...

Takes a while, Dave - Cutting and sewing is relatively quick, it's the hand quilting that takes the time. Sorry the quilt I'm making for you has been temporarily shelved by the birth of your son - will get on to it soon! Good job I know you're not serious about the sweatshops!