Monday, 14 May 2012

Something old, something new...

New grandson = new quilt

Been seeking inspiration for a few weeks now...

When Hector was born, the family dogs
 seemed just the thing to feature on his quilt,
 but what to do for Meyer...?

Was at a loss until a dig through the
 family archive produced this little gem...

I've always loved this delightful drawing,
created many years ago by Meyer's daddy.

It was the perfect centre for the quilt -
but I needed three more figures
to complete the family group 

To clone or not to clone...?

Decided not to clone.
Decided to try doing more drawings in the same style -
which turned out to be harder than it sounds.
Drawing kid-style is difficult when you're an adult -
we can't help making things too perfect.

Fancy having a go yourself?  Then try this -
If you're a Righty, get a massive felt tip,
hold it in your LEFT hand and just go with the flow on a B-I-G sheet of paper.
It feels odd, but adds lots of naivety to a drawing...

so here are a couple more.

Using Electric Quilt software I created basic
 borders and a large central panel.
Then the drawings were scanned, imported into
the programme, and traced using the mouse.
It took a while as I haven't used the drawing programme
for months and it's amazing how soon we forget...
If you're finding EQ hard to get your head round,
hang in there and experiment - it's worth it.
Here's the result.
It's a work in progress, but I quite like it so far.

Now comes the interesting bit -
chasing up the right fabrics at Patchwork Chicks ,
plus a detour to the Alma for lunch of course.

I can think of a few people who'd be up for that...


Jo said...

Oh so cute...It is sure to be a family treasure.

Lizzie P said...

Thanks, Jo - a quilt is such a lovely way to celebrate a new life!

Karen said...

This is a wonderful idea. You have given it such a personal touch.Your quilt will look great!

Karen said...


Little House on the Hill said...

Wow this is awsome

Candys Home Patch said...