Sunday, 30 September 2012

Constant change is here to stay


  I finally get my head round Windows Vista and my laptop dies!
Once again I'm up to the eyes in muck and bullets,
grappling with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010.
They've got a fight on their hands.
I'm determined to make Windows and Office
do what I want and not the other way round!
This card from my 'New Man' card range sums it up.
 I do feel like booting the thing into space sometimes.
Life imitating art, or what!

Just an example --

Was a bit concerned about some emails that went AWOL in the transition
but decided to take a positive view and opened Outlook Express thinking 
'Ooh, goody - a fresh start!'
Then fourteen thousand old emails
 dropped into my inbox.
Fourteen THOUSAND!!! 
The whole shebang was due to the default email setting
being IMAP and not our former POP3.
If you're none the wiser, join the club!
For the same reason, they took absolutely ages to delete,
and I almost lost the will to live when I found them in the
'deleted items' box and realised they had
 to be turfed out of there too.....

That's when I decided to log off...