Monday, 28 May 2012

54 down - 18 to go...

Only 18 blocks left to quilt - hurrah!


Seems months - it IS months! - since Esther cut the
 batting (wadding) for her Odeon quilt and we sent it
to be machine basted 
I can't recommend enough having the layers
tacked together by machine, particularly if
you're a hand-quilter with bad knees or a bad back.
It's worth its weight in gold!

 My quilting friends offered to do a Team Baste, bless 'em,
but some of them aren't good after leaning
 over a table, so this seemed a very good option.

By the way ... 

Look at this lovely little stained glass wall hanging -
A perfect match for my quilt, or what?

It's by Shards of Glass and I found it on Etsy last week. 
Couldn't believe how similar it was in colour and style

"EQ - what?"
Those who've never seen Electric Quilt 
 in action might be interested in a brief view of how
 the programme helped me design the Odeon quilt

For the basic layout I chose a 9-block by 8-block
horizontal grid and added vertical sashing and a border

Next I added quarter log cabin blocks,
inserting them right across the grid and flipping some
horizontally to get a mirror image.
Colouring the block is easy - just the touch of a button.

EQ comes with libraries of blocks, fabrics, applique
 patterns and basic quilt layouts, and new fabrics are
added free every month.  You can also download
 ranges you like direct from the manufacturers website.
For OdeonI just used library fabrics that were roughly
the colours I wanted and refined the choice later.

EQ6 planning page

Esther wears jade a lot and loves browns and creams,
so those seemed a natural starting point. I've never used batiks,
but the more I thought about the more it seemed the way to go.

Bought most of them at the wonderful Web Fabrics at
Purcellville VA,and then trawled the web to match a
 lovely gold scrap I found in my stash.
  Must've looked at HUNDREDS of sites, but eventually found it at
Batiks Etcetera in Wytheville VA and had it shipped to the UK.
The fabrics shown in this layout are not batiks, but
they gave me the yardage needed in each colour

Number of patches and yardage
EQ6 is great - it works out fabric yardage (above) and prints
rotary-cutting patterns, templates or foundation piecing patterns.

Rotary-cutting diagram
Templates with 1/4" seam allowance added

foundation piecing template preview

These were the final fabrics

My grandson's quilt (see Something old - something new)
has applique in it.  If you're interested I'll add a post with
a few pics to show how the applique design tools work.

Would love your feedback -
it's so nice to meet people through comments!


Anonymous said...

Love the stained glass, the quilt and the EQ demo! Thanks for sharing!

Lizzie P said...

Will be very sorry to relinquish this quilt to its owner! Can see my self making another...