Saturday, 2 June 2012

Quilters of the world - unite!

Sorted! (well, almost...)

I'm constantly amazed by how creative, motivated and productive
quilters are - and how willing they are to pass on insights and tips!
It really makes you want to branch out and try something new.

Was particularly inspired by two blogs recently -

Kay (Quilts+Color) inspired me to clear my sewing room for action -

Sorted!  Well, this corner of one drawer at least...

and Kathleen (A Sentimental Quilter) made me launch out
more boldly into scrap-matching. 

Result -

1. Fabric for a scrap quilt sorted, washed, pressed, cut out and ready to sew,
2. A lovely pile of prints unearthed for my grandson's quilt
plus a blending border and binding fabric found at The Skep 
Love the Skep - the girls there are great! 

So - a good afternoon's work. Very happy!

Scrap quilt - more later!
Many of the fabrics in both these quilts were found at the Skep

fabrics for Meyer's quilt + the 2 in the pic below & a lovely red border
Just right for a little chap born in time for the Queen's Diamond
 Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics! 

Plus his mum really likes these colours...



Anonymous said...

What a fabulous baby quilt!

Judy B

Lizzie P said...

Glad you like it - so much fun to do. Like you, I love playing on EQ6!