Saturday, 16 June 2012

Super quick!

Progress on the quick scraps!

Loved this project from the Summer issue of
Primitive Patchwork Magazine!
It's such a simple block, but so cleverly cut - I just had to try it.

With a few quilt projects in the pipeline, I decided to cut the pattern down
 and make a nine-block quilt using some of my scrap fabrics.
This would give a centre layout measuring 33" x 33".
Reducing the borders to 1" and 4" to suit these proportions
would give a finished quilt measuring 43" x 43". Cute!

First job - join two pairs of 6.5" squares together...

Next - sew them together to make a 4-patch square...

Measure 4" either side of the centre line and cut off the two side strips.

My June Tailor Shape Cut ruler came into its own
when I was cutting all the squares and strips.
Such a useful bit of kit!

After sewing the cut strip from the right onto the left side of
the block, and the left strip onto the right of the block,
I turned the block 90 degrees and repeated the process -

- measuring and cutting 4" from the centre seam once more,
and sewing the cut strips to the opposite edge.
Results below!

Just a little - unsponsored! - plug for the June Tailor ruler...
I dithered over buying one of these for ages before parting
with the cash, but it's up there in my top five quilting aids.
I did a 2-minute demo at my quilt group the other day,
and they ordered one for the group toolbox right away.
It makes cutting strips, diamonds, triangles or hexagons so easy!
Check out this YouTube link for a demo

Anyway - back to the blocks!
Here they are, all sewn together.

I've got a cream crackle fabric for the 1" border and a
brown/cream pattern for the 4" border.
Not sure about the binding...
I was thinking of either using the border brown or
 joining scraps left over from the blocks. A scrap binding
would make it genuinely scrappy...

What do you think?
Suggestions welcome!   


Cynthia@aquilterbynight said...

Very cool scrappy quilt. That cutting method is genius! I am a fan of a scrappy binding. If I were you, I'd save the binding decision for last, after your borders are on.

Sue Daurio said...

That's gorgeous!! Love the ruler :)

Lizzie P said...

Thanks! Ruler is fab - and there's a bigger version out now measuring 18x12, which I think would be even more useful.

Lizzie P said...

Wise advice - will do that. Watch this space...