Monday, 30 July 2012

Things that lift the spirit -

- and soothe the soul...

A Glasgow University study claims that quilting is'uniquely' good for us!
 Quilting, they say, provides benefits beyond those of physical
and outdoor pursuits. It stimulates creativity, lifts the spirit
brings people together, encourages friendships,
and as we plan, measure and stitch, exercises lesser-used bits of
the brain and brings order to our thoughts

I'm sure knitters would claim the same on all those fronts too -
but, hey - let's hear it for quilting!

Quilt-Expo-Couvertes, Saulnierville, Nova Scotia 2011 - wish I could see this year's efforts!

Saw this photo on Joan's Ouvrages d'une Acadienne blog.

Quilt-Expo-Couvertes 2012 starts today July 30th
 in Saulnierville, Nova Scotia
 - if you're in the area, do see it for me & take pictures!

July 30th - August 3rd

To read the Glasgow University report click here


joan said...

Oh I agree with the report. Our Expo-couverte/Quilt Show is going very well and my friend Elaine and I were saying what a pleasant week we are having because the atmosphere is so positive..
Everyone who come to see the quilts have nothing but kind words to say and the joy it brings to the community is an air of serenity.

Lizzie P said...

interesting reading, eh! Glad your show is going well - looking forward to pictures!