Friday, 13 July 2012

Virtual quilting - great fun!

I laughed when I visited Judy Butcher's Virtual Quilter blogspot
 and read that she uses her computer to design
 'way more quilts than I could make in several lifetimes'.

That makes two of us! Most of my designs will
never make it to the sewing machine -
but it's such fun playing on EQ6!

But here's one that just might get made...

Passing round photos of the tiled frieze in St Pancras station,
a friend said, 'I can see this as a quilt - but where do I start?'

St Pancras is a spectacular London landmark.
Opened in 1868, it was recently renovated & extended
 at a cost of £800 million
St Pancras Railway Station - the exterior
The Victorian tiled frieze and ironwork
Photo: Steve James

Look at this beautiful detail hidden in the rafters!
detail of part of the frieze
Photo: Steve James

Set to work redesigning some of the standard EQ6 blocks.
Wanted to get the feeling of these Minton tiles
not just a carbon copy.
Opted for batiks, simply because they glow.
Was right out of my comfort zone in terms of pattern and colour

Added a block border to recreate the feel of the bricks,
and here's the result.
Still needs a lot of work...

'It's awfully complicated,' said Jill, faintly,
'but I do like it!'

I like it too - and if it never gets made, that's OK -
I've had my fun!


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the link, and sharing a beautiful quilt design. So glad that you can enjoy the design part without feeling that you need to make the quilt real.

Judy B

Cynthia@aquilterbynight said...

Wow, this quilt, if made, could be quite a masterpiece! I love how we quilters can find inspiration everywhere. I have noticed tiles too but have never taken it as far as using the designs in a quilt. Your design is beautiful!